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The 50s Waterloo

Leslie Caron portrait
Leslie Caron as Gaby 

Gaby- Leslie Caron & John Kerr
‘Gaby’,  a film starring Lesli Caron and John Kerr , was yet another remake of “Waterloo Bridge’. This remake was made in 1956 in full technocolour. The ending ,however, is drastically different.

Gaby- Leslie Caron

That’s because the 50s was a whole new style of film making. Gone were the risque inuendo and sleek style of the thirties. Gone too was the classic look of the forties along with the healthy dose of cynicism that came across as chic. Here was a style of film making that reflected the art of it’s time.  Surrealist backdrops full of ultra bright colours and linear design elements often in musicals which became incredibly popular during this era.

Caron in yellow


Films of the fifties often didn’t look real. They were  beautiful moving works of art more concerned with the decor than with reality.  In short it was often like watching a dream in motion. Gaby’,therefore, is a stunningly beautiful film but lacking in the grit of the first two versions. A film also that sees moral values win out.  Also very big in the fifties.

Gaby swingsGaby rehearsalGaby proposal

“The 50s were ab fab too.”


 Betty Bourgeoise

© ®enee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 7/5/2013
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