Mata Hari – The German Connection (‘Eye Of The Dawn’) by Renee Dallow

Dinner with Von Kramer

All set for a dinner Party?

Now in Holland. The stage is set for a dinner party at the home of a famous socialite.  Many of the guests are German officials and their wives from the embassy in The Hague.  The guests ,including, Mata Hari are mingling before dinner is served.   Mata Hari             ( Zelle ) notices a very handsome German officer staring at her from across the room and smiles.  He crosses the room to introduce himself.

Kramer:  Permit me to introduce myself, Karl Von Kramer military attache, at your service.

Zelle:        At my service.  I must remember that.

Kramer:   Your portrait does not do you justice.  In the flesh you are even more tantalising.

Zelle:         You are too kind monsieur Kramer.

Kramer:     Karl if you please.  Meeting you here is such a wonderful surprise.  I heard you were in Berlin.

I Thought you were a diplomat


Zelle:          Unfortunately my contract was cancelled

Kramer:      Oh tsk , tsk that is a shame.

Zelle:           I am afraid I’m in a bit of a dilemma.  You see I want to return to Paris but it is difficult to obtain the necessary papers.    Even crossing the boarder into Holland has not been easy.  In Berlin they confiscated my furs and jewellery.  So here I am monsieur without papers and virtually no funds.

Kramer:     This is a scandal.  The great Mata Hari being treated with such disrespect.  If there’s anything I can do to help ….. you can trust me.  ( Thinks.)  Aha …. I have an idea.  Something beneficial to both of us.  I am a diplomat after all.

Zelle:         What is it?

Kramer:      I think we’d best speak in private. Your reputation as an international woman is well known to me.  Shall we say dinner in my apartment tomorrow evening then?

Zelle:           I thought you were a diplomat Karl.  Would it not be better to discuss details on neutral territory?  Tonight in my hotel room?

Kramer:       An excellent compromise. I accept.

Zelle hands Kramer her calling card with the name and address of her hotel.  Kramer puts the card in his inside jacket pocket. Takes her arm and leads her to the dinner table where guests are now being seated.

 Cheers!  Wanda.

Cheers! Wanda.

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