Mata Hari – Invisible ink : Spy Tales (‘Eye Of The Dawn’) By Renee Dallow

Dressing room

Mata Hari ( Zelle ) is at her dresser in her hotel room preparing for the arrival of Karl Von Kramer.  She daps herself with perfume in front of the mirror and then takes a negligee from the wardrobe and changes into it.  She then arranges herself on the bed in a seductive pose.  The door is unlocked and Kramer enters carrying a brief case.

Kramer:  So here I am at your service as agreed.

Zelle:       And I am duly grateful

Kramer:   ( Sighs. )  So I see.  ( Restraining himself. )  Time enough for that later.  We have matters of great importance to discuss.

Zelle:       We do indeed.

Kramer:  Madame nothing would please me more than to …. but first things first.            (Hands her some folded documents from his briefcase which she peruses.)  It is also within my power to grant you funds.  20,000 francs to be exact.Bank credit poster France ww1

Zelle:     ( Leaps up from the bed and throws her arms around him.) That is such a large amount of money Karl I am overwhelmed

Kramer:  In your capacity as an international woman I believe you will soon be in a position to return the favour.  If you prove to be efficient on all fronts , so to speak, we are prepared to offer you much more …. in installments of course.

Zelle:      I don’t know what to say.

invisible ink bottlesKramer:  Think of it in terms of compensation for the loss of you jewels and furs.  Now to the preliminaries.  ( He places the briefcase on the bed  and takes out three small bottles which he places on the bedside table. )

Zelle:     So now we celebrate.  ( She takes one of the bottles in her hand. The bottle contains green liquid. ) Absynthe!  The liquer de rigeur.  It’s a very small bottle but I suppose when mixed with whatever is in these other two bottles it should be extremely potent.

Kramer:  Oh it’s potent alright but not in the way you think.  This my dear is quite lethal. I wouldn’t advise drinking it. Let me demonstrate.

He takes a sheet of paper from the briefcase, takes the bottle from Zelle, and pours a few drops of the green liquid onto the paper.  The paper is now damp.  He then opens a second bottle and pours a few drops of it’s content onto the same piece of paper.  The content of the second bottle is a clear liquid. He takes a pen from his inside pocket and writes a message which he shows Zelle. 

Zelle:     ( Reads aloud. ) Information relayed by H21.

Kramer:  Very good.  Now watch carefully.

Opens the third bottle and pours contents over the message. 

Zelle:      The message …. It’s disappeared.

Kramer:   Precisely.  What you have just witnessed is a little invention called invisible ink.

Zelle:        But what has this to do with me?romancing the Germans

Kramer:   When you communicate with us via messages to the Hague you will need to use all three bottles, just as I have shown you, so that the information cannot be detected.

Zelle:       I see.

Kramer:  Good. When you arrive in Paris we shall make further contact.

Zelle:        Karl ….. what is H21?

Kramer:   H21 is a code.  Your code. In all correspondence you must use only your code.  Never your name.  This is for your own protection you understand.

Zelle:        And the 20,000 francs?

Kramer:   The amount is being transferred to your bank account in Paris as we speak.Kirchner Berlin Street Scene

Zelle:        Then of course there will be personal expenses that I will need to deal with on my train journey and in securing suitable accommodation.

Kramer:   That too is covered. ( Hands her five thousand francs. )

Zelle:         You are a true gentleman Karl.

Kramer:    ( Grabs her and kisses her roughly on the mouth.)

I assure you madame that being a gentleman has nothing to do with it.  

( He  pulls her down onto the bed. )

© Renee Dallow 22/11/2012

Wanda Wey Awrf



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