Mata Hari and her Russian: Spy Tales (‘Eye Of The Dawn’) by Renee Dallow


On the 21st of November 1942 the Russians were preparing to encircle German troops in what would come to be known as ‘The Battle Of Stalingrad’.  On the 19th they had launched a counter offensive and bombarded the Germans with heavy artillery.  The Germans, however, were forbidden to withdraw.  It would only be a matter of time though before they were forced to surrender.

transportaion 1910

In the first world war the Russians had also played a very large part and as a matter of fact Mata Hari fell in love with a Russian soldier which, of course, led her into trouble.   He had arrived at her hotel after taking a wager from two soldiers waiting outside.

Zelle is at her dresser dressed only in a robe.  Vadime knocks on her door.

Zelle:       Enter!

Vadime:   ( On entering stares at her in awe of her beauty. ) I am Captain Vladimir De Massloff of the first Russian Special Imperial Regiment. I’m here because I took a wager.

Zelle:     I assume you know who I am monsieur.  So they’re making wagers now.  How much?

Vadime:   I gave them 20 francs. If I spend the night here with you they will return it. If not I pay another 20 francs.

Zelle:        …. another 20 francs?  You cannot be serious.

Vadime:   Madame I am always serious.

Do we have a bargain?Zelle:          Yes …. I believe you are.  ( Looks out the window. ) I don’t see anyone.  Seems they’ve given up on you.

Vadime :   ( Looks out the window. ) I will find them.  By your leave madame … (Moves toward the door. )

Zelle:          Monsieur I’ve made up my mind.  I cannot possibly give you leave. You’ll stay here with me tonight and I shall return your 20 francs. There now. Do we have a bargain?

Vadime:    I do not make bargains.Love is in the cards

Zelle:          Very well I’ll wager you 40 francs that after one night in my company you will never want to leave.

Vadime:      Are you soliciting me?

Zelle:            Mon dieu! If you are not the most impossible man I’ve ever met … Can you not be grateful for a place to stay, accept, and be done with it?  What is this pompous pride that will not let you be swayed by my charms?

( Pours two glasses of port and settles ont her settee motioning him to join her.)

I never did like long distance relationships.  ( Dims the lamp. )

Do we have a bargain?

© Renee Dallow 29/11/2012

I'll wager they do.

I’ll wager they do.


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