Mata Hari: Spy Tales: The Wager: ‘Eye Of The Dawn’ by Renee Dallow

Do we have a bargain?

Do we have a bargain?


boudoirIt is now morning. Two young officers outside Mata Hari’s  hotel room are laughing over the wager they have made with the young Russian soldier, still in her room, for twenty francs.

1st    ( Laughs. ) If you don’t stay the night you pay us another twenty francs.

2nd :   Only a Rusky would fall for that.  Rusky logic.

1st:     A night with the great Mata Hari used to be worth at least one hundred but unfortunately she’s a little past her prime. Still I have no complaints.  Making love with such a one as she is like sampling fine wine.  It improves with age.

2nd:   It is certainly the best wine I have ever tasted.  ( They exit. )

Zelle and Vadime are still in bed. Zelle rises ; puts on her robe and moves to the window looking for the officers who have set the wager. Vadime follows.

La robe de boudoir

Zelle:  No-one is waiting to collect.  I guess the word has gone out that Mata Hari is indisposed.  How long can you stay?

Vadime: Tonight I must return to my regiment.

Zelle:      Then we must make the most of this day.  Let me show you Paris.  First I’ll take you to ….

Vadime:   ( Takes her in his arms. )  Shhh …. ( Kisses her. )

For me this room is all of Paris and you are it’s heart. ( Leads her back to the bed. )

Zelle:   Breakfast? ( Pulls on a cord next to the bed and disrobes.)


© Renee Dallow 10/12/12

No room for pilot error in the South Pacific during WW11

No room for pilot error in the boudoir.



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