Wanda Wey Awrf

We girls practically won the war single handed don't you know.
We girls practically won the war single handed don’t you know.

I’ve chosen to use my three characters les trois belles courageuse to present my stories because they represent different eras more glam than ours. I love vintage and these three can look at the world through different lenses. The thirties,forties and fifties, of course suffered terrible times too ,but seemed to do so with a great deal more panache. My non de plume of Hybiscus bloom is all about flowering in the midst of of a modern world that can smother us with it’s many complexities. They are all me if that makes sense. I have a background in performing arts, visual arts and education.

hibiscus art

Gabby Du Gaffe



Gabby Du Gaffe: " Oops, je fait plus encore..."

I write plays,poetry and short stories too.  Am currently writing my first novel ‘ The Past Tense Of Youth’. Began travelling in my twenties and never really stopped. Am crazy about world history and what makes change and why.

Have recovered from breast cancer and am focused on maintaining a positive outlook. At the same time am keenly aware of the injustices of the world and would like to make others aware of them too. My dog Lester will accompany les trois femmes and may even appear on his own at times.

hibiscus vibrant

Betty Bourgeoise


Moi Betty Bourgeoise and Laistere


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