Lester’s Bid for Movie stardom

Saturday Evening Post 1933This dog on the front cover of The Saturday Evening Post was a movie star.  His name was Asta.  Sounds like my name; ‘Lester’.  Don’t you think that’s a great name?  Anyway he was the star of ‘The Thin Man’ series.Thin Man Poster
I have always dreamed of being in the movies like Toto and Lassie and Rin Tin Tin and I think that this may just be my year.  I’ve been practising new tricks and perfecting old ones like my famous sideways walk.  I am of course obsessed with chasing balls and love catching frisbies while still air bound.  I run pretty fast and jump pretty high.  When chased by big dogs I like to use the zig zag technique to out smart them.  In short I am cute, intelligent and stylish.  Dallow S10168-51

See you at the movies.

Lester Bourgeoise-De Gaffe-Weyawrf.


3 thoughts on “Lester’s Bid for Movie stardom

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