50s Housewife Glam

spit and polishAh to be one of those terribly glam,impeccably groomed, perfect housewives of the 50s.  Not a hair out of place and  wearing a lovely frock under one of those very funky aprons.  The kitchen spic and span with everything in it’s proper place.  Only one thing missing.  The perfect hubby.  Did he actually exist in the 50’s?


 For that matter did she really exist?  What did she do with her day while he was out earning enough to pay for the next modern appliance.


Well she’d be cleaning up after breakfast,mopping the lino floors and hanging out the washing. Only then could she phone a friend to arrange lunch and gossip at a local diner. Hat and gloves always worn when leaving the house. Probably dining on  cheese and asparagus sandwiches with a nice cup of instant coffee.  All that she could afford with her house keeping money.


Then she would be grocery shopping, collecting the drycleaning, and planning the evening menu in her head on the way home.  Once home it would be clothes off the line, an hour of ironing, vacuuming the carpets and finally preparing the evening meal. Kids home from school,afternoon tea ready,playtime supervised and table set for dinner.


Hubby would return same time every night,dinner would be served, homework completed and the whole family would be off to bed. Next day after breakfast hubby off to work at 7.30.am, lunches packed, kids off to school by 8.30and an early morning cuppa before donning that funky apron again and repeating the same routine.   For those who buy into the glam housewife scenario don’t forget your hat and gloves in this 40 degree heat.  


50’s glam? You decide.


Betty Bourgeoise.


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