Doggie Travel Log.

pet travelWhy is it that one cannot travel with one’s pooch in Australia?  In America it is possible to take your best doggie friend along with you on trains and planes and even on buses. They can even sit on the seat right next to you .

Dogs on planes.
In Paris and all over France dogs are allowed  to accompany one in all the best hotels and one is not prevented from renting an apartment in a fashionable burb just because of a furry appendage.

Lorster in his WW11 bomber.
 So if my dog is cute,well trained and good with people why is he discriminated against?  In this horrible heat he cannot even walk along the beach.  Certainly if one drives this is not an issue but not everyone want’s to risk it on the open highway. My fluffy fellow is my hero. He deserves a nice comfy bed in a nice comfy hotel.


poop bag ….check

barf box….check.

Doggie deco



There once was a very brave little dog

Lorster was his name

When his mum would wander wey awrf

He’d  howl “Lorst again”!

And so it was this scruffy boy

Became a pampered pet

And all were radiant with joy

When he flew in a lear jet

He took the bus to Timbuktoo

Rode the Ghan to Alice Springs

He drove south to Jinderoo

And did lot’s of crazy things

But never once did he lose his mum

Always awake and alert

And never once did clean his bum

On someone else’s dirt.

Dallow S10168-48

Cheers Darlings

Wanda Wey Awrf.


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