Classy Canines in the movies

lassie & LizMovie star dogs have been around forever and boy were they class acts. Lassie could infiltrate enemy lines, lead a country doctor through raging floodwaters to the bedsides of the frail and the dying and find lost children in the depths of the forest.  Lassie had many different owners including Liz Taylor.lasie & Roddy McdowelRin Tin Tin ( Rinny) for short could lead a whole platoon and rescue soldiers and civilians in danger as well as being a loyal companion to the infantry.

Rusty and RinnyRinny  had a brave little boy, Rusty, to love and protect him. Together they shared many adventures, solved many mysteries and  saved many lives.rintintin

My favourite by far,however, is Asta from ‘The Thin Man’ series.  Asta was a crime fighter who helped his owners Charles and Nora solve many a murder mystery usually involving gangsters. Asta

Extremely cheeky and very clever at finding clues he could appear out of nowhere with new pieces of evidence clenched tightly between his teeth.  His would toy with it a little before devulging any information.
Asta with the folksOften he would be on the run with charles in hot pursuit leading him to the latest victim or to the perpetrator.  Perhaps it is because he reminds me so much of my dog, Lester, that I  love him best of all.Dallow S10168-24Love my dog.



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