(Mata Hari H21) Spy Tales: ‘Eye Of The Dawn’ By Renee Dallow

Eye spy

Duxieme Bureau Paris: Ladoux is seated at his desk smoking a cigar. Agent Denvignes enters

Denvignes:  Monsieur Ladoux forgive me for disturbing you but I have some information which I think you’ll find most interesting.  We have just decoded a message with regard to Mata Hari.

Mata Hari potage

Ladoux:  Mata … who? ( Suddenly remembers the name.) … ah yes….the exotic dancer that was. Go on. You intrigue me.

Denvignes:  The lady now has a code name monsieur.

Ladoux:   Indeed … And what is her code name Denvigne?

Denvignes:  H21.

Ladoux:     Ah … (Leans back in his chair .)

Denvignes:  The wire we intercepted was from Karl Von Kramer. He is press attache ,..

Ladoux:   Yes I know very well who he is….why don’t you just read me the wire hmm?

mata hari portraitDenvignes:   We have found 20,ooo francs credited to her bank account and we know that the lady was given three bottles of invisible ink and ….

Ladoux:   Lady? … Just read me the wire Denvignes.

classique roseDenvignes:
  ( Reads the wire.) Agent H21 to make contact with German Intelligence….Stop.  All correspondence in invisible ink….Stop. 20,000 francs advance paid C/O Anna Lintjens,Hotel L’europe,The Hague…… Stop!

Ladoux:   Anna Lintjens…Hmmm….Must be a code name for Kramer.  Have this Mata Hari put under surveillance.  Good work agent Denvignes I assign you to the task. That will be all.

Denvignes:   I shall watch her day and night. I shall be diligent,alert and inconspicuous. I shall do whatever it takes to ensure that France is safe from this woman and all those like her. You can trust me. I shall not fail in my duty.

Ladoux:   That will be all. …… Thank you Denvignes.

( Denvignes exits and Ladoux lights another cigar.)

Ladoux:  (Contemplates.) The great Mata Hari a spy. … Imagine that. …. What a catch she would be …

mata Hari performs

 Seems to me a little too obvious. Why would Mata Hari willingly accept a code name when she’s already got rid of the ink bottles and is really only after having her jewels and furs returned?

 Cheers!  Wanda.

Cheers! Wanda.

©Renee Dallow 16/2/2013

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