Mata Hari-The Telegram: Spy Tales (‘Eye of The Dawn’) By Renee Dallow

Zelle is dressing in her hotel room when there is a knock at the door.

Dressing room

Zelle: Who is it?

Porter:  Telegram madam

Zelle opens the door and takes the telegram from the porter. Just as she is closing the door a young man enters with a bunch of flowers.

Zelle:  ( Surprised.)  Jaque is that you?

Jaque:  (Seating himself on the setee by the window.) Yes I think so.

Zelle:   But what are you doing here and how did you find me?

Jaque:   I was on my way to visit a patron when I heard these two officers outside talking. I heard your name mentioned and would you believe it?  Here you are. Oh these are for you. (Holds out the flowers.)

Zelle: ( Puts the flowers in a vase on her bedside table and puts down the telegram next to it.) I’ve not seen you in such a long time. (seats herself next to him.)  Tell me all about yourself. I want to hear everything.



Jaque: ( Is in the process of admiring one of three pretty bottles sitting on the window ledge.) You are promoting new perfumes these days?

Zelle:  A German officer gave them to me when I was In Holland just recently.  Pretty aren’t they?

Jaque:  You accepted these as gifts from a German?

Zelle:   Oh don’t make so mch of it.  They were filled with some sort of ink.  Such a waste of such a beautiful bottle.  When I was on the train and I threw the contents out of the window and kept the bottles. Tres economique non? ( Takes the bottle from him and clasps his hand.) Anyway it is of no consequence. I have exciting news. You are the first I have confided in. I am in love.  Truly,madly,deeply passionately in love. His name is Captain Vladimere Di Masslov of the first Russian Imperial Regiment. What do you think of that?

invisible ink bottles


Jaque: It is certainly a mouthful.

Zelle:  He is at this very moment risking life and limb at the front. I am so afraid for him. Afraid for us. What if he never returns?

Mata Hari & Vadim?

Jaque:  How could he not? Knowing that you wait for him.

Zelle:   Ah Jaque so good to have such a friend in you. Somehow you make me feel so calm so unafraid and yet … Oh but I have heard nothing of your adventures. Tell me of ….

Jaque:  Another time perhaps … soon.  My patron still waits.  I must go.  (Takes her hands in his) If only it were me who made your eyes bright as the heavens… Someday I will find you again …You know I adore you… Adieu for now.

( Kisses both her hands  and exits.)

Zelle:  ( Closes the door behind him and looks over at the flowers. Suddenly remembers the telegram. Moves to the table and opens it.) What is this?  My Vadime wounded. I must go to him immediately. ( Begins pacing the room. ) Papers … I need papers. Oh this is too horrible ….He’s in a military hospital.  That means it must be very serious.  ( Reads on.) Vittel.  Where is Vittel!…Zone Des Armees. But how will I get there … what if he should die before I get to him ….No… I will not imagine it…. I will be calm… I will find a way… I always do.

Love is in the cards

( Takes a suitcase from the wardrobe and begins to pack as lights fade to black.)Two things drove Mata Hari. Love and greed. Not very different from you and me.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 20/2/2013


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