Dapper Dog


Asta leads a charmed life with Mr and Mrs Charles. On of the family in every way. Myrna Loy and William Powel play the happy couple dedicated to crime solving. Asta is pretty good at sniffing out the crims too.

Asta Asta with the folksAsta loves t o raid the icebox and adores a tete a tete with Mrs an Mrs Charles. He listens attentively to instructions and then generally does precisely what he wants.

Asta's icebox
Astas knitting spree. Conversation with Asta
Asta enjoys the company of both Mr and Mrs. A bit of knitting with her and a bit of philosophy with him.
All Packedasta at seaAsta on stoolDapper dog AstaNick,Nora,Asta

At the end of the day Asta is fully satisfied with his lot. Unlike dogs in Australia he is allowed on long sea voyages, luxury trains with sleepover and fine dining choices as well as sophisticated hotels.  He is indeed a dapper dog.astaDallow S10168-52

Wanna be just like Asta

If he flies first class over the rainbow

Why then oh why can’t I?


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