The 30s: Fred and Ginger

Fred and Ginger mirrorFred and Ginger'Follow The Fleet'Ginger close upThe incomparable Ginger and Fred had the moves and the style. It was said at the time that she gave him sex and he gave her class. This was figuratively speaking as their relationship was on screen only.
fred and ginger. roller skatesgifFred & Ging movesThey were absolute perfection and the perfect foil during the depression years when often the only joy people had in their lives was the rare night out at the movies. In those days entertainment wasn’t taken for granted and it was often a choice between dinner out or a movie because there wasn’t enough money for both.

The movies were an escape and they had to be special. Not a re-run of every day troubles but something out of the ordinary which could send people soaring beyond normality and into the realms of  a fairytale  world where everything was beautiful.

Music and Dance 2Let's Face The Music And DanceFollow The Fleet noirFred & ginger deco

Fred and Ginger were beautiful. Well Ginger was and Fred,well,he was just Fred.  Dancing man extraordinaire. These photos are from one of their very best; ‘Follow The Fleet’.

fred & Ging

Oh how divine were these two when they danced together. This routine to ‘Let’s Face the music and dance’. Something we all should do when the chips are down eh.

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