A Doris Day Easter


Doris Day speaking
So was Doris Day really this innocent?  Well she certainly did make a career out of being little Miss perfectly nice.  Might I add she also had incredible talent.

Doris Day dances

Originally Doris wanted to be a dancer and had trained for years but a car accident damaged her legs.  What did she do? Well being a bit of a trooper she decided to take up singing instead.

doris-day pin upWhilst recovering in hospital she heard Ella Fitzgerald on the radio and sang along with her songs.  Doris discovered that she too could sing.  Her first big hit was ‘Sentimental Journey’ in 1945 which became popular with troops returning home from the war. Doris went on to record over 600 albums and make 39 films some of which she also danced in.

doris-day easter

Doris married three times became a Christian and still is an animal rights activist.  Her last hit album was in 2011. Oh and let me hasten to add , by the way, she is now 90 years old and if that’s not inspiring I don’t know what is.

Doris Day sign


Have a squeaky clean Easter Holiday


Betty Bourgeoise


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