Mata Hari: Spy for France ‘Eye Of The Dawn’ Renee Dallow


dressed for the ball

Ladoux office  at the Duxieme Bureau  Paris

Ladoux: Ah madame I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay at Vittel. You certainly look the better for it.

Zelle:    Yes it was a lovely visit and now I feel ready to return to my work.

kuhnfranz- The Hague?

Ladoux:  Indeed. I’m glad to hear it. Speaking of work … I may have a good proposition for you.  You remember the conversation we had before you left?

Zelle: I have a faint recollection of you mentioning my doing something for France … But as there was no mention of funds ….

Ladoux:  Just how much would you suggest we pay you?

Zelle:  Considering that I was once the mistress of the crown prince of … I mean a coup like that would surely earn me say … one million francs.

Ladoux:   One million…!  But that is a preposterous amount! ….Still … the crown prince you say …. hmmm …

Zelle:  What would you say if I told you that I know someone who could arrange it all for me without any hint of your involvement whatsoever?

Ladoux:  And who might this someone be?

Zelle:  I happen to be on friendly terms with one Karl Von Kramer. He is the press attache at the German Consulate in The Hague.  I’m sure I can procure his services with a little incentive.

Art-Nouvea temptationLadoux:  Ah … Von Kramer … yes that should do nicely. Very well madame you have given me much to think about.  We shall have to find a mission which will give you the opportunity to make the most of your contacts.

Zelle:  And the one million francs?

German propoganda 2Ladoux:  We must find a way to justify such a sum. Yours will be no small task. ( Lights a cigar and plunges deep into thought.) Ah I have it! Spain! We shall organise a contract for you to perform in Madrid.  After all it is the very centre for German Intelligence.  Whilst there you may be able to obtain vital information for us. I shall arrange it immediately. You must remain at your hotel and await our instructions.

Zelle:  Naturally I shall expect an advance.

Ladoux:  I’m afraid you must prove your worth before that will be possible but of course we shall pay your expenses and set you up in the finest hotel in the city.  That will be all.

Eye of The Dawn’ © Renee Dallow 31/4/2013



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