Ladies Who Lunch



Ladies who lunch

love to start the day

by sampling on brunch

to keep boredom at bay.

A delicate rehearsal

without the greasy chips

cool cafe lunch

as selected dainty morsels

touch their painted lips

fashion lunch                 The prelude to a shopping jaunt

to all the best boutiques

So many new designs to flaunt

just slightly tongue and cheek.

The labels are always a feature

of every new design

Such a clever creature

That Mr Calvin Klein.


                     Then there’s still Armani

A pheasant under glass

Who’s suited corporate army

simply reeks of class.

But a night at The Casino

calls for something refined

Valentino gown

When draped in Valentino

the ladies look divine.

Eager to compare new clothes

In a trendy bar of choice

They drive each other comatose

In one collective voice.

Ladies who lunch earn their keep

by getting lots of rest

After a long relaxing beauty sleep

they’re always at their best

NY lunch

From ‘The Humble Coffee Bean’

© Renee Dallow. 2/4/2013

( Hybiscus Bloom )




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