Bourgeoise Boutique

Neiman - Marcus

Please I don’t want to buy any more

Sorry no time for a chat

Really it’s more than I bargained for

No I’m sure I don’t want that!

No pressure to buy you say

Well let’s have another peek

But I wish you would get out of my way

I’m not into hide and seek

This is cute and that’s quite nice

I can’t decide it’s too hard

Lilli Ann suit

if you’re sure this is the right price

I’ll just put both on my card

No I’m afraid that’s all for today

Now if you’ll open the door

It’s time that I was on my way

vintage   Let me out of your store!



  ‘The Humble Coffee Bean’


          © Renee Dallow 3/2/2013

(Hybiscus Bloom )

white hibiscus


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