Humble Bean Dues

Ida Lupino Film noir

Don’t you know there’s no escape

You’re in this like it or not

We Know you’ve got yourself in a scrape

We know that you are hot

We’re bound to get you in the end

 evening wear

You can’t hide from us

We’ve got your number my friend

Why create such a fuss?

We know where you hide your cash

And we know which bank

surrealist winow

We’ve every right to keep your stash

We’re onto your little prank.

We’ll provide for your later years

Arrange your community care

It’ll be right so forget your fears

Sometimes we can play fair

Do come down and pay your dues

There’s a humble bean

1950s window display

Come on what have you got to lose

We’ve already got your spleen.


chic lunch

From ‘The Humble Coffee Bean’


Renee Dallow © 5/4/2013

( Hybiscus Bloom )

white hibiscus


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