double indeminty

The night has a thousand eyes in the naked city

The suspect unloads his strange cargo in a dark passage

on Scarlet street.  The street of chance


 A woman’s face appears from out of the fog

Dressed to kill. The phantom lady is desperate

She searches for the letter stolen by the voice in the wind

He listens intently to her whispering footsteps

Maybe she is a guest in the house with the spiral staircase

noir stairs

He hurries but is gripped by a sudden fear

Maybe she has no man of her own


After all the postman always rings twice

He is definitely the wrong man for her

He must not give in to temptation

The dark mirror of his deception approaches

Orson Wells

She’s already killed the man who Knew too much

Life with him had been a raw deal

Now it’s a case of double indemnity

She fastens the rope and gives him a kiss before dying.

The third man takes the maltese falcon from it’s dark corner

 And is bewitched.


© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 9/4/2013


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