Back in the 50s

le grande cafe ( painting.)

The 50s were oh so hard to resist

Bright colours all the rage

Packaged food on the grocery list

And living on only one wage

1950S HOME help

The furniture neat and in tact

The women at home doing all the chores

Never leaving the house without gloves and hat

50s Paris

The tailored suit was truly in vogue

Making the waist look trim

Picked from a swanky catalogue

Seldom bought on a whim

dark suit


Romance was a night at the movies

Dining out on meat and three veg

He would do anything to please

 And very soon they would wed

50s wedding

Life seemed so perfect way back then

All wrapped up in pretty bows
Valentino en Francaise

But really much of it was just pretend

Though there really was a Korean war.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 10/4/2013




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