In Awe Of Hibiscus

island in hibiscus

So  delicate is the hibiscus flower

In bloom for so short a time

known to many as the flower of an hour

It’s tropical beauty sublime


Beyond the dance of  a Summer’s  breeze

The hibiscus changes tune

Becoming a symbol used  to appease

The goddess of the moon

Dorothy Lamour Live image

A maiden in search of a lover’s embrace

With a hibiscus behind her ear

Right ear she’s taken and left she’s an ace

If behind both she’ll soon disappear

Lamour Hawaiian

The hibiscus varies in cultural meaning

In all the countries in which it lives

It is the  pure essence of spiritual being

With all the pleasure that it gives

In North America it stands for the perfect bride

In China for wealth and famerose-of-china

In Korea immortality and national pride

In Japan just a gentle flame

And in Egypt creates an atmosphere of calm

Within the seething souls of men

Who  have learned the values of hibiscus teahibiscus tea

When practicing the art of zen

Truly it is the most amazing flower

That’s why it’s my  non de plume

It’s because I’m in awe of it’s mighty power

I chose to be Hybiscus Bloom.

hibiscus art
© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom )  13/4/2013

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