Kiss me stupid ( Poetic tribute to screen romance )


Robert Mitchum ( Romance )Waiting in vain for a public kiss

 she tries so hard to refrain

Finding her man so hard to resist

standing out in the rainLa Dolce Vita

Edging much too close to his ego

She knows she must innitiate

Taylor & Turner

He is much too afraid to show

Affection on this first date

In private he becomes predatory

A lion after it’s prey

Tony Curtis ( Romance )

It’s always the same old story

He wants everything his way

But for her one kiss will show them all

he’s hers and there’ll be no more bidsSweet nothings

She now has him pinned against the wall

And whispers in his ear

“C’mon … Kiss me stupid”

Before you fall.

Kiss Me, Stupid © Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom )  51/4/2013 white hibiscus

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