Mata Hari in Madrid ( ‘Eye Of The Dawn’ ) Renee Dallow


The foyer of Zelle’s hotel  in Madrid. She hands a letter to the clerk at the front desk. Colonel Denvignes watches her and waits for the right moment to introduce himself.  He buys a long stemmed rose from the hotel florist.

Zelle:  ( To clerk ) Kindly have this delivered to Captain Von Kalle

certificate Paris:Madrid

Clerk:  Certainly madame.

Zelle:  Oh please don’t look at me that way. I am here on a very important mission. I’m afraid it must be kept secret. Trust me I know what I’m doing.

(Moves towards stairs leading up to her room. Denvignes intercepts her and hands her the rose.)

lovers in Madrid

Denvignes: I couldn’t help noticing you madame. Please accept these as a small token of my appreciation for your beauty.

Zelle:  How charming. But the again I would expect nothing less from a Frenchman. Are you staying here?

Denvignes: I am indeed just down the hall.

Zelle:  And what brings you to Madrid Monsieur er…

Denvignes:  Oh excuse me. What bad manners. I was so overcome by your presence that I forgot to introduce myself. Colonel Denvignes is my name and I am in Madrid to ensure that no harm comes to you.

Zelle:  I see.So you are from the bureau then?

hotel central

Denvignes: Precisely. When they offered me the chance to protect the great Mata Hari I saw it as an opportunity too good to refuse.

Zelle:  And what opportunity did you think protection of my person would afford you?

Signorita Madrid

Denvignes: Why the chance to be … close … to you.

Zelle:   Just how close would you like that to be?

Denvignes:  I think you understand my meaning. ( Moves his hand to her waist and pulls her to him. ) Now how can I give you adequate protection from away down the hall.  I have heard that you have  a meeting  with one Hans Von Kalle. May I ask when this meeting will take place?

hotel lobby

Zelle: ( Pulling away from him.) I will not! Monsieur I am perfectly capable of conducting myself in a professional manner and I expect you to do the same. Now if you don’t mind I have urgent business to attend to. I am here to do what I can for France whereas it appears you are here only to help yourself. As for protection you can tell Captain Ladoux that I can look after myself.

( Exits up the stairs. Denvignes watches her and rubs his hands together in anticipation of his promotion with the  bureau. )

Denvignes: Very well I shall be the perfect guide and soon I shall have a spy in my snare. Who would ever have thought that one such as I would be the one to capture such an exotic butterfly.  ( Exits. )

image nouvelle

Eye Of The Dawn’ © Renee Dallow

( Hybiscus Bloom ) 15/4/2013

white hibiscus


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