Has Beans

vintage cafe

Has beans tend to embrace new trends

While they ponder the latest coffee blends.

The cafe in which they like to converse

is the only safe place to rehearse

cafe niagra

life’s frustrating twists and turns

where people clash and money burns

for time itself is high on speed

even the coffee seems to bleed.

New deals start bouncing off the walls

Straight from suburban shopping malls

Stocks and shares like long lost friends

are discussed at length in dividends.

Debates on launching new campaigns


on expanding markets and profit gains

provide Has Beans with reason to gloat

As long as investments continue to float.

It’s a potent mix of great ideas

of inhibitions and deepest fears

cafe vintage

With owning a home no longer a given

The Cafe is not a bad place to live in.

Humble Coffee Bean’

© Renee Dallow  

( Hybiscus Bloom ) 16/4/13

white hibiscus

2 thoughts on “Has Beans

    • The poem is about how busy we have become and how the cafe is now the office as we are constantly on the move. My little book ‘Humble Coffee Beans is a social commentary disguised as a book about coffee. It is written through the eyes of the coffee bean who is really just like one of us.


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