Different yet same

50s lounge 2

So easy to write about what is wrong with the world

The bombs and  guns and politics of death

But what of the intricacies of a life lived

in this heaven that we call earth?

For centuries we battled and cried for peace

cities of the future

We’ve created dreams lost and won

Can we not be grateful for what we have

When another days work is done?

The Greatest Show On Earth-Heston

Looking back on the ages we’ve come so far

A black president sits  alone at the helm

Of the world’s shaken centre of progress

Is this not  also one great leap for man?50s monorail

There is always someone who will seek to destroy

That for which we all strive

To fall in love and marry in the name of hope

romance is a new home

To work for want and have what we need

A  decent home with food on the table to spare

50s home bar

To feed and educate the young

Who in the future will make the world

different yet the same.

© Renee Dallow 18/4/2013

( Hybiscus Bloom )

white hibiscus




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