In black and white


The Great Depression in black and white

On the wide cinema screenABerkeley, Busby (42nd Street)

Could offer people  small respite

 Give them a chance to dream

42nd street

Of dancing girls in sequined gowns

swing-time-art-decoOf sleeping in satin sheets

Of grand hotels with marbled floors

And decorated suites

Fred & Ging

Busby  was king of the chorus line

fred & GingFred Astaire was king of the dance

Their work has stood the test of time

And people are still entranced

Fred & Ging turn

When Ginger mirrored Fred’s every move

 When the chorus line moved as one

When the music played the melody of love

A new romance had begun


For viewing the human conditionGarbo & Barrymorejoan-crawford-1930s-

 At times reflected their own

 Garbo’s fear and indecision

 Made her want to be alone

They  identified with Crawford too

Desperate to keep her job

grandhotel Crawford

Finding  ways to keep her cool

Though working for a sod

In ‘Grand Hotel’ many lives were changed

Some for better and some worse

But schedules were finally re-arranged

And new strategies rehearsed'Grand Hotel' lobby set design

grand hotel premiere

The Great Depression could dissapear

When stars lit up the screen

In black and white life was clear

The best it’s ever been.

© Renee Dallow 19/4/2013

(Hybiscus Bloom )

Hollywood mirror image
Hollywood mirror image



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