The Home Fires

1940s-worker lipstick

 As the second world war raged in 43

We kept the home fires burning

We hoped for a world that would soon be free

With all our young men returning

farewell kiss

We kissed them goodbye and turned away

Toward our immaculate homes

Not really knowing how long they would stay

How long we would wait alone

gunners mate vacuum add

But we put our time to good use for our boys

We went to work and got paid

We wore our uniforms with poise

whilst gainfully employed

HollywoodCanteen entrance

There was also the Hollywood canteen

where we danced with lonely hearts

We tried to make light of all they had seen

But  knew that soon they’d again depart

wife gives orders

We knew that if the war should end

Later than we first thought

That our  brave men could safely depend

on us girls to hold the fort

christmas war bond kitchen


© Renee Dallow 21/4/2013

( Hybiscus Bloom )

Wanda Wey Awrf

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