Remember Me Kiss


A soldiers kiss

All of a sudden they were kissing everywhere

In almost every public space.

All at once there was no time to spare


it was hard to keep up the pace.

It was a time when love  was very intense

and lasted just long enough

avoiding all trace of social pretence

when she found herself up the duff.

station kiss

One kiss was fatal when a guy was on leave

Young girls became easy prey.

They wanted more than anything to believe

there would be a wedding day

before he went off to kill or be killed

they wanted so much be wives.

ship ahoy

Since birth the idea had been instilled

this was all they could do with their lives.

For the soldier no matter what his intent

he knew he had to fight.

Maybe soon his young life would be spent

and this could be his last night.


So whether a kiss was prelude to going all the way

or simply a long  and tender goodbye

it was the memory and promise of a new day

which meant most to those left behind.

© Renee Dallow 22/4/2013

( Hybiscus Bloom )

white hibiscus


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