Lady Spy

Amy Elisabeth Thorpe 'Cynthia'

Nancy Wake(1945)

Of the female spies in the second world war

Very few remained alive

Their names are not often brought to the fore

Nor the daring for which they died

Their brave hearted deeds have gone amiss

There’s no-one marches for them

World War Two - British and Commonwealth - Espionage - 1942

Their souls are forever cast adrift

In an eternal sea of men

Virginia Hall spoke German and French on the side

She trained resistance fighters

Organised drop zones and safe houses to hide

for many wounded survivors

And with her wooden leg code named ‘Cuthbert’

Szabo 2

She escaped to Spain and really roughed it.

Princess Noor Inayat Khan  wireless operator

whose code name was ‘Madelaine’

Was captured and tortured by interrogators

But kept her silence till the end.

Despite her rank she could not be saved

And is buried in a nameless grave.

Barbara Lauwers ran a lonely hearts club

Sending false love letters to the German side

Virginia Hall

To make them believe their wives were at the pub

With Frenchmen whom they could not abide

As a result they deserted and raced home

To find their wives in bed alone.

Amy Elisabeth Thorpe the Mata Hari of her day

had the Vichy Press attache beguiled

Soon codes and ciphers were obtained

from the safe in which they’d been filed

Nancy Wake's passport

For the British she helped break the ‘enigma code’

Then at last  released and again on the road.

As for Nancy Wake she was one of our  own

Even awarded ‘The Legion Of Honour’

Code named ‘The White Mouse’ she was often prone


To train new fighters and she was a stunner

Who in the guise of a painted lady

The Gestapo thought  rather too shady

Violette Zabo sabotaged roads and railway bridges

With her group of trained ‘Marquisards’
Violette szabo

Exposed those who abused their priviledges

Producing German war materials in the back yard

In an open field she was finally caught

So few remember how bravely she fought


How brave  these daring women of war

Let’s shout their names out loud

Let them know that someone’s keeping score

And that it’s for them  we march proud.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom )



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