A Girls life in 43

1940s return home

She peered out at the early morning

And sighed a young girls sigh

A fresh new day now was dawning

She would manage to get by

40s girlie ad

The war was happening far away

In the year of 1943

If there was another air raid today

She’d wait it out gracefully

She was in love with a soldier

The problem was her best friend

40s kiss off

Soon they’d have to sort it out

Or stay rivals to the bitter end

One night while making out on the porch

1940s porch

She decided it was time to give

Though it was for her friend he carried the torch

She knew she must live and let live

40s lounge

Next day she took a job away from home

Advertising a brand new soap

1940s soap ad

All the while knowing if she left them alone

She’d be the one  to mope

Soon she was selling war bonds on the side

warbond ad

And met someone else to even the score

50s weddingSoon they would both be brides.

And turn a blind eye to the war


© Renee Dallow (Hybiscus Bloom ) 27/4/2013

French Hibiscus


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