Married To Adventure : Part 1

fashion trends illustrate


Married in a second hand gown

The seeds of lust already sewn

With golden rings from money lenders

All wrapped up in white suspenders


Joined at the hip in a garden setting

Her parents wringing their hands and fretting

For no prenuptual had been signed

The girl was clearly out of her mind

40s flower girl

The groom was not from the back of Bourke

Merely an extremely handsome Turk

He came from a culture notwithstanding

Females who proved too demanding

moonlight kiss

What possible hope could the future hold

For a man too proud and a woman too bold

A man who held tight to his convictions

A wife must adhere to set restrictions

kitchen kiss

The bride was an independent breed

To all the warnings she paid no heed

After all he was just a quiet type

Not really used to all the hype

In time their beliefs would be the same

He’d have her country and she’d have his name

twin set

Her parents at least were satisfied

Their daughter’s wish was gratified

His folks trembled far across the sea

Their hopes for him steeped in misery

How could their boy make the most of his life

When lumbered with an Aussie wife

Party On

Friends and relatives who were there

could do nothing but stand and stare

There was not a single chair in sight

but the bride looked lovely in daylight

“She’s such a character ” they all agreed

and looked forward to the reception feed


That the guests provided the banquet feast

bothered the bridegroom not in the least

Presents were given in the form of cash

The couple collected quit a stash

Their honeymoon had been paid in full

and soon they’d be off to Istanbul.

Turkish airlines retro


( To be continued )

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 27/4/2013

French Hibiscus


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