Married To Adventure : Part 2


The honeymoon was a dream come true

Hawaiian sunsets and oceans blue

Lavish hotels and swimming pools

No dress code and no house rules
vintage Waikiki
 Then on to New York for a couple of days

Times square revealed in a squalid haze

Newark New Jersey a concrete slab

It’s inhabitants on the run from rehab

London though was an absolute sham

Nabbed at customs and accused of a scam

Times square 1950s

They were put on detention at Heathrow

Not till eight hours later were they free to go

He blamed her and she blamed him

Their future sure was looking dim

His fault a visa wasn’t obtained

Her fault they had been detained


Arrival in Turkey proved a relief

The bride registered her disbelief

His family appeared so very tame

She would be proud to share their name

The apartment large and terribly neat

vintage_istanbul minarets

was located in a crumbling street

With it’s tenements and minarets

Viewed from the balcony at sunset

His mother tried her Turkish best

To make the bride a welcome guest

But the poor girl couldn’t understand

Apartments Istanbul

The code of ethics in this strange new land

Her husband longed to see his friends

And with his father make amends

So he disappeared in the early hours

While she gazed out on holy towers

5os dress code

(To be continued ) …………………………………….. ©  Renee  Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 29/4/2013 French Hibiscus

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