One Extra


It’s the end of the daily poetry challenge

So NaProWriMo thanks alot

For now it’s about all I can really manage

I’ve given it everything I’ve got


It sure was hard work but lot’s of fun

Glad I came along for the ride

But before my work is completely done

Here’s a little extra on the side

kitchen kiss

I’ve covered film noir and lady spies

And war through the eyes of a dog

I ‘ve written about the changing skies

And cleared out my writers fog

I’ve done alot of vintage stuff

50s music at the diner

From the view of the wife at home

Did they actually do it as tough?

A those who must go it alone?

Last but not least  a poem in three parts

Looking at a cultural divide

istanbul manequins

The pairing of lovers from different worlds

Longing to stay side by side

I so enjoyed this writing task but am glad to have a rest

I hope you enjoyed it because for you I’ve done my best


© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 30/4/2013

French Hibiscus


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