Doris Day: Little Miss Perfect?


Little Miss Perfect?
Little Miss Perfect?

In the 40s and 50s Doris Day was the girl next door. All sugar and spice. That was the image people fell in love with. She was blonde,blue eyed and impeccably groomed. Matter of fact that describes nearly all the so called celebrities gracing our screens now. Oh well back to Doris ….

doris_day hibiscus

She could be goofy too. On screen she had a definite persona and it was good. Real good. She could sing,dance  and act with the best of them but always as the sweet innocent ingenue?


While all was fluffy happy endings on film her personal life was not quite as cheery. Doris married four times and had one son. Of those four marriages it was the third to manager Marty Melcher that lasted the longest. When he died in 1968 Doris apparently found herself bankrupt as dear Marty had squandered most of her earnings on bad business investments.
DorisDay chic

She did,however, manage to recoup most of her losses and went on to marry again as well as star in her own show. ‘The Doris Day Show’ was a huge success and was , of course, squeaky clean from start to finish. Doris is an animal rights activist and still going strong.


But was the Doris audiences loved so much for her holier than thou dedication to moral puritanism really such a goody two shoes in real life?  Can anybody be that perfect?  Should anyone be that perfect?  What if she actually did have a few little imperfections?  What if …

She  wore fur?doris-day in fur?

She used to smoke?
doris-day smoker?

Acted like a regular  Mata Hari?

Doris as Mata Hari?

Or gave someone the finger while knitting?


Let’s face it. Nobody’s perfect.



Betty Bourgeoise


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