Silver Screen Romance

'The Sheik"

‘The Sheik”

All the world loves a lover they say

And I’ve found this to be true

So if you feel you’ve lost your way

This may be the answer for you

'The Truth about youth'

‘The Truth about youth’

A great classic screen romance

With movie stars of old

Guaranteed to keep you entranced

And turn your dreams to gold

Whether it’s tough guys on the take

'Johnny Eager'

‘Johnny Eager’

Or femme fatales on the run

Someone is pining for what’s at stake

At the time of the setting sun

Love will find a way through the maze

And all will be neatly resolved

'To have and have not'

‘To have and have not’

 When lovers lost in each other’s gaze

 arms outstretched ready to hold

the one who’s made it all worth while

who’s made us laugh and cry

'Bill of Divorcement'

‘Bill of Divorcement’

And done it with panache and style

Vowing love would never die.

When you see romance on the silver screen

There is magic in the air

'Gone With The Wind'

‘Gone With The Wind’

Like me you’ll remember a favourite scene

And want to linger there.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 26/5/2013

hibiscus deco frame


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