A Dog’s Life


Be kind to animals for they are our friends

Without them we would be lost

Think of how much on us they depend

No matter what the  cost

Be kind to animals

Tis true they suit us and we suit them

True since time began

You may be the boss now and again

But they’ll aways be your fans

Saturday Evening Post 1933

So feed them well and pamper them too

Listen to their thoughts

Do this and they’ll  always take care of you

And behave like proper good sports

Dog food ad

Suppose it really is  a dog’s life

In times of deep despair

When you find yourself in times of strife

You can trust your friends to be there


Dallow S10168-52
Aint it the truth



© Renee Dallow: ( Hybiscus Bloom) 6/6/2013

hibiscus deco frame


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