A confusion of seasons

Path in the forest

The trees are a little confused these days

They’re in between red and green

The forest still glows in a summer haze

As if  Autumn’s frost had never been

Trees in Autumn

Winter still waits to make itself known

Lurking somewhere close by

But the sun insists it shine on alone

Keeping the forests warm and dry

yellow forest road

The fairy tale seasons no longer sing

 Of roast chestnut or ripening fruit

But of rearranging almost everything

So as not to follow suit

nature forest

For Spring to appear in three months time

 Would be a miracle of sorts

 The winds change without reason or rhyme

Confusing the weather reports

 fairy tale forest

In Colder climates they worship the god of the sun

In the desert the great god of rain

But the winds of time they wait for no – one

For they have nothing to gain

Beech trees


© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 8/6/2013

French Hibiscus



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