The Past Tense Of Youth: A Love Forbidden

Rana in full regaliaIt was whilst meandering through the market stalls , the air filled  with the scent of exotic spices, that he  first laid eyes upon her . She was of another world delicate and ethereal yet with a strange gaze that promised resilience.That she had already been chosen he knew without doubt as he watched the chief black eunuch converse in secret  with her captor.In the soft spring light of morning he watchedas she was led to the carriage along with two others from her lands.

The  brash young Turk knew also that he could not live without seeing her again. He must somehow find his way into the palace.There was rebellion in the air and it would not be long before he would have his chance.No more the rule of sultans to break the mantle of youth prepared to die for enlightenment.  But how to sneak past the guard through the inner courtyard and into the maze that was the harem …….In a different time I too would find my way into that same hidden sanctum.

So it was that this tale of everlasting love,to which I would become a reluctant witness,  began.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 25/6/2013



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