Buccaneer Bean: from ( The Humble Coffee Bean ) by Renee Dallow

Bank run New York 1933

The humble bean puts up with it all

Like a pylon made of stone

Never says a word

Afraid of being heard

Afraid of how far he could fall

Finding joy in the smallest of things

Like a child left alone

first tv network

With time to dream

Or come up with a scheme

To take flight on gossamar wings

Knowing he is every man

And everyman is he

He believes there is a higher plan

Which gives him reason to be


The humble bean goes out on a limb

New York Waiters on Building site

Like a buccaneer of old

Makes his choice

Shares his voice

On issues that matter to him

Dancing in the city

Campaigns hard for a better deal

Breaking into his campaign song

Protests aloud

Draws a crowd

And argues his case with zeal

He knows that he is any man

And any man is he

Yet knows they cut down any man

Just like they would a tree.

grand hotel premiere


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