Auckland’s old fashioned style in black and white

Auckland New Zealand is a city  with zest and style.

Auckland city 50s

It’s people have elegance and grace


coffee lounge dancers 50s

More English than the English .  A refined sort of place.

coffee couple 50s

Ahead of it’s time in many ways too

Auckland was never a human zoo

With the first female mayor of The Empire Brit

Auckland could show off a bit.

Ak Birthday Carnival Jan 1952

In fact New Zealand being

first to give women the vote

certainly has the right to gloat.

40s couple after tea lounge

How strange to have retained such vintage appeal.

Strange but oh so endearing.

Australians could learn a thing or two

from NZ’ s positive gearing

Auckland tram outside CPO

Auckland is smaller but  quite spread out.

The burbs are leafy green havens.

Topiary is what they’re all about

Weatherboard houses and well tended gardens.

The park Auckland

Auckland hasn’t changed too much over time.

In the eyes of many she’s still in her prime

Still debutants dress in their very best

Date night 50s Auckland

Go to varsity, marry. have families of their own

Buy themselves  neat suburban homes.

house styles

Auckland is still closed late at night

Not much has really changed.

Somehow I think they’ve got it right

they don’t seem too deranged


50s cool

A vibrant city with a little nonchalance

Contemplating life on the ledge



 It will embrace you if you give it a chance

Give you that extra edge

Farmers Coffee Bar Auckland 1950s

So don’t be afraid to wear your smile

Hang out in Auckland for a while.


© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom )  13/8/2013



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