Quiz On1950s Musicals

MGMMUSICALS1:  In ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ what was the name of the character played by Marilyn Monroe?Lena Horne

ItsAlwaysFairWeather_DeloresMarilyn Monroe and Jane Russellkiss-me-kate 2

2:  What is the name of the song Marilyn sings in the show stopping number wearing  a pink gown and gloves?

3: What was the name of the musical in which Marlon Brando  actually sang?

Les GirlsAnne millerAmerican In Paris 2

4:  Which famous musical was a spoof of Shakespeare’s ‘ Taming Of The Shrew’?

5:  Which was Anne Miller most famous for?  Singing or dancing?

a-star-is-bornAn American In Paris

6:  Can you name the three male musical stars of ‘It’s Always Fair Weather’?  ( Two were also sought after choreographers. )

7:  Which famous musical starring Judy Garland was about becoming discovered and turned into a major Hollywood star by an ageing  alchoholic star down on his luck?

8:  Fred Astair and Cyd Charise starred together in a musical titled ‘Band …..’ about a group of artists getting together and putting on a show.


9:  In which musical did Delores Gray co star with Cyd Charisse?

10:  Lena Horne was a black singer who was mostly a solo performer in many Hollywood films.  She did, however, star in two huge musicals. Can you name them?

11:  Who were the three girls starring with Gene Kelly in ‘Les Girls’ and in which European city does the film take place?

1955_fairweather boysGuys & Dolls

12:  Who was Marylin’s co-star In ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ ?. This actress had become famous  in a previous film directed by Howard Hughs .

13:  What was he name of the musical in which Judy Garland sings ‘C’mon Get Happy’?

14:  In which film did Doris Day play Singer ‘Ruth Etting’ opposite James Cagney?

Delores and Cyd 2poll-band wagonSingin in the Rain Debbie Reynolds 2Love Me or Leave Me_Doris Day_1955

15:  What role did Debbie Reynolds play in ‘Singin In The Rain’

16:  Who danced with Gene Kelly in ‘American In Paris’ Cyd Charisse or Leslie Caron?


Oh so many fabulous musicals.

Loved them all bar none.

So much talent.

So much Glitz.

What’s not to love?

Kiss Me Kate Love-Me-or-Leave-Me_

© Renee Dallow

( Hybiscus Bloom ) 16/8/2013

B.B. can can


Bon Chance! Betty

One thought on “Quiz On1950s Musicals

  1. Rick

    1. Lorilei Lee
    2. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend
    3. Guys And Dolls?
    4. Kiss Me Kate
    5. Dancing
    6. Dan Daily, Michael Kidd, Gene Kelly
    7. A Star is Born
    8. Band Wagon
    9. It’s Always Fair Weather
    10. Stormy Weather, Meet Me In Las Vegas?
    11. Mitzi Gaynor, Tania Elg, Kay Kendall……London?
    12. Jane Russell
    13. Summer Stock
    14. Love Me Or Leave Me
    15. Kathy
    16. Leslie Caron


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