Rent Right

1930s terrace

Renting is hell nowadays.  We queue and compete for a place to live which is half way decent. We have to fill in endless forms detailing where we work, how much we earn, who we live with and where we’ve come from.

 As well as this we are required to hand over personal identity information and even photos.  If this isn’t laying yourself open to scam agents contemplating identity theft I don’t know what is?1930s chrome-kitchen

How do we differentiate?  Paranoia sets in every time we need to apply for a rental.  In the 1930s people had it tough too but a different kind of tough.  Often they had to share rooms. Sometimes up to 15 people in the one house.  They didn’t have to deal with technology ,however, and were often able to get into a rental property due to  good references, word of mouth or even just plain good will. 1930scandlewick How things have changed. We have to deal with apps, search engines, web sites,printers that invariably break down just when you need them and network systems that sometimes go viral.  All this just to be in the zone for a rental.  We expect clean,decent, up market places for the incredibly lavish amounts we have to pay but often find the photo we got so excited about was a bit of a con job.  In the 30s people were less concerned with keeping up with the Joneses they were just trying to keep up … period.  Still it’s all pretty relative and we renters still get a rough deal when it comes to housing.  Real Estate  agents get away with lot’s of stuff and are almost as bad as lawyers these days.  Locking away the bond till the end of you rental term is fair but refusing to return it is not. wringer:dryer & vacuum So many of them try to make you steam clean your carpets, replace venetian blinds or scrub the walls before you leave in order to delay returning your money. Meanwhile you have had to fork out more cash for the next property and are really out of pocket.  Then the whole cycle begins again with the next agent and the next and the next.  No wonder you can never afford to buy.  All that lost bond money hoarded by real estate agents.  What of the interest earned on your bond during your tenancy?  Ah ha that’s how the rich get richer.  They make money on other people’s money.  I guess it’s always been the same.  There are ways to iron out the creases but what if you can’t afford the iron?  1930s iron

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom) 27/8/2013

Abientot mes amis

Gabby Du Gaffe.



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