Betty’s Bourgeoise 50’s Broohaha.

 red coat

Just a few tips this week on how to be a 1950s goddess bourgeoise style.  Always make sure your make up is perfect and that your lipstick is the perfect shade of red.  Nails too.  In fact a glamourous red coat and hat with bustier underneath and cute little cravat is just sooo bourgeoise I can’t even go there.

sparkling pink wine1950s


Perfect for a rad night out on the town.

BUT ………
Never have your hair looking drab or dreary.  Make sure it kinks at the back in a light wave and in the evenings make sure you tizz it into a nice up do so your hubby will be proud of you.  A good hair spray will help you maintain whatever style you choose.hoover present

In fact your hubby should be proud of you at all times and you must do everything you can to keep the home in tip top condition.  Appreciate with all your heart the brand new appliances he buys you for Christmas and birthdays to help you with the house work.  Just look at the brand new hoover still waiting to be broken in.  Remember that looking immaculate at all times is important and even after giving the hoover a whirl you must be prepared for whatever he has in store.  So pull out that pretty apron  you’ve just washed and ironed and get  your gourmet kitchen into full gear.

Enjoy your lovely living room with all your mod cons.  T.V. is truly in vogue. Oh look There’s Doris on the screen and after that it’s time for hubby to spend quality time with little Johnny  while you clean up the kitchen yet again.

© Renee Dallow  ( Hybiscus Bloom )  12/9/2013

Bof!  Betty Bourgeoise.


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