Tea Party Planning with Betty Bourgeoise


Bonjour mes cheries!  You must do what you do with pinache and everything must be arranged just so.

Your bone china tea cups must rest ever so gently on the beautiful saucers and the serviettes must be placed underneath in order to catch

any little drips.

teacup set


Your teapot must be spectacular.

Something decorative. A real centrepiece for the table. Maybe a matching vase would be just the thing to make an impression.

blue angd gold teapot


Asparagus fingers are quite the rage.  Cut the crusts off your pieces of white bread, pop your asparagus in the middle and wrap around.  Make sure you put butter on the bread first. Otherwise it will be dry and crusty.  This you do not want.  Present them beautifully on a platter garnished with fresh green lettuce leaves.  Next you must have your cucumber sandwhiches on a nice plate right next door to the fingers.



This is perfect for the savouries but what about the sweets?  Well you must serve cupcakes of course.  What else?

3 receta-cupcakes-nata


If you do all this your tea party table will be complete.

tea_party_table_main. jpg

Bon appetite! © Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom)  19/9/2013



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