The Past Tense Of Youth: Love’s destiny

weddingThat first evening dancing with Gurel under the stars at the beautiful Hydro Majestic in Australia’s Blue Mountains had been the most magical evening of my life but it had ended all too soon.  The valley under the gaze of the moon had cast a spell on us both.  I longed to repeat the wonder of it all again and again.  He had kissed me on the hand after chaperoning me to the door of my room and I had lain awake all night dreaming of fairytale romances.  The Hydro was a perfect example of the kind of architectural splendour popular with royalty. Set high on a cliff top overlooking the Megalong valley the hotel reminded me of  the kind of palace a princess would inhabit.  That princess was myself and Gurel my handsome prince. 

We dined each night on that same terrace over looking  the old staircase leading down to our beautiful green valley floating in the gentle mists.  After dinner we would go for long walks under the stars with the sounds of the Australian bush all around us.  We talked of dreams for the future as we gazed out into the distant mountain ranges surrounding us.  He of architectural wonders of the world and I of great historical revolutions.

Together we  would change the world.  We were past and present searching for new tomorrows. The future was ours  and our love would guide the way.  There were lavish parties  in the grand dining hall followed with dancing in the ballroom.  As Gurel and I danced around the room so in tune with ourselves that we barely noticed what music was playing I imagined myself in a land of make believe.  It was all so exciting, so glamorous, so perfect that I could hardly breathe for fear it would all disappear and I would wake to find that none of it had ever really happened.

My parents had kept a watchful eye on us and were no doubt more than a little concerned at our growing  obsession with each other.  Over Gurel’s shoulder on the dance floor I watched  them so at ease in each other’s company and felt so honoured to be in their presence.  They had loved this holiday almost as much as I and were reluctant to leave but father had  embassy committments and of course mother and I would have to leave with him.

Once home at Greylin I found myself pining  for the man I loved.  Just as I had watched my mother do so often. I wondered through the gardens alone day after day lost in my world of memories.  Oh there were invitations to social gatherings and balls with friends trying to soothe my broken heart by lining up handsome bachelors for me to choose from but it was of no use.  

Then the day came exactly one month later as I was preparing to go into the village.  I heard a knock at the front door and a voice on the other side of it calling my name.  Barely able to contain myself I ran so fast down the stairs that I tripped and fell over the banister. The maid opened the door and there he was standing there with sunbeams highlighting his dark, wavy hair.  I flew into his arms and at that moment was sublimely at peace with the whole universe for he was my truth, my essence, my everything.

Only two weeks later we would be married  in the grounds of Greylin castle and  I would be whisked off to Istanbul for a honeymoon.  Yet another far off land filled with promises of  new adventures, new discoveries, new beginnings.  Together we were destined for something greater than anything that had come before.  Something we both knew existed but was not yet within reach ….. something ….  


 © Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 9/10/2013


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