Coffee Bean Spoils


cafe de matinThe long lunch is back in style

For the lucky federal M.P.

He can afford to chill out a while

He get’s his coffee for free

He loiters round for hours on end

As the humble waiter toils

cafe deflores

Knowing he can safely depend

On tasty coffee bean spoils

He flies a la carte in a chartered plane

And often dines at the Ritz

What can a coffee bean hope to gain

From life out in the pits?

Euro Bites

Beans are just numbers to add and subtract

When all the votes are counted

Always there to trample the welcome mat

Or have their objections mounted


What a trial they are to the wealthy few

Better keep them out of sight

Too many joining the lengthy queue

The coffers are sealed up tight

But the M.P. goes on his merry way

With his coffee freshly brewed

cafe elektric

He mutters along with nothing to say

While humble beans get screwed.

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 17/10/2013

French Hibiscus


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