Pierrot and Pierrette

Pierrot & Pierrette

Pierrot and Pierrette were star crossed lovers.  Not quite like Romeo and Juliet.  More confused by the stars than led by them and more dazed than bedazzled when in the presence of a paramour.

 That they were in love with each other there was never any doubt but it was the games they liked to play  that often had audiences in stitches.  Originally from Turkey these characters became the darlings of the Italian Renaissance in Commedia dell ‘arte and then extremely popular with French mime artists.  In actuality their confusion in the love stakes represents us all and maybe that is why we find them so funny. If we didn’t laugh we’d cry.

© Renee Dallow ( HybiscusBloom ) 31/10/2013

“Play on “

rene vincent ( reader )

                                                                                                         Gabby Du Gaffe


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