Busking for a coffee break

The Pierrot kiss

Pick a street corner and busk till you drop

NO TIME … for a coffee break

There’ll be no reward if you dare to stop

Whatever you do …  STAY AWAKE!

The long hard hours pay off in the end

If you stay in the game

Be willing to …MINGLE … aim to blend


Try to look the same

We’ll keep the coffee hot for you


We’ve a hidden camera in the loo

We’re on the … LOOKOUT… for germs

We’ll tell you what you can perform

We’ll also show you how

Just… SMILE … be prepared to conform

Get ready for it now

Busk by all means to your own refrain

But be sure to …PLAY IN TUNE!

In our sights you will always remain

No-one is immune

If you busk for coffee …ON OUR TIME!

led lit door


DECLARE … the extra beans

We’ve recorded your steady climb

On … ALL …those T.V. screens

© Renee Dallow ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 2/11/2013


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