Planning your postwar home
Well the WAAFS were female pilots like me , the  WAVES were the girls in the navy and the WAACS were the women’s army core.Wendy Wey Awrf

We were right in there during WW11 helping with the war effort on every front.   Yet we were equally important on the home front and on bill boards to keep up the  morale.  We were like the back up team and our main jobs were in to safeguarding supplies, reconnaisence and communications.  Yet even then we had to look good.  We did our hair up in permanent waves, wore red lipstick and kept our figures.

 We worked hard on behalf of our men and our country but were still reduced to sex symbol material.  We looked smart in our uniforms but let’s face it not many men like smart women unless they were also smart pin up girls.

In The Army Nowwwii-women-military-ads

Don’ get me wrong we loved looking good and we loved keeping house but we also loved the feeling that we counted for something in our own right.  Many of us were not even paid but volunteered for our war work.  But it was the morale of the men that was most important and I guess they needed to be reminded of what they were fighting for.


Cheers dears.  

Wanda Wey Awrf

Wanda Wey Awrf

© Renee Dallow  ( Hybiscus Bloom ) 7/11/2013

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